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New Billboard in Texas Urges

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression is a nonprofit dedicated to defending free speech

The first, which is up in Keller now, says “Free Speech Makes Free People

” The second will go up December 18th, and it reads, “Ban Censorship, Not Books

The Keller Independent School District board voted last month to ban any book that contains “discussion or

“any theory or ideology that: (1) espouses the view that gender is merely a social construct; (2) espouses the

FIRE argues this could be used to also ban any media that shows gender nonconforming characters, and

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“The bottom line is that Keller is prohibiting books based on the politics of the ideas they

Students in Keller will suffer from this ideological book ban, which sends a clear message that neither

This policy isn’t in isolation, either: Texas has banned the most books of any state in 2022,

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