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New and Recent Gothic Horror

What is gothic lit exactly? People are sometimes torn — but there are certain commonalities

The big twists will be saved for the end, because in the gothic narrative, the whole point

You pull up to a dark mansion, a Mexican woman, the guest of a white British family

You’re a woman in a misogynist world that won’t share its rumors with you

Inaccessibility, isolation, fear, have all caught hold in new versions of the gothic genre (Get Out is

A party where you aren’t quite sure how you’re getting home

The Mexican government has been overthrown, and Beatriz is at a loss

In a man’s world, Beatriz needs to marry as quickly as possible to ensure that she

Content warnings for violence, death, rape, racism, abortion, parental death

She gets ready to dive into teaching a group of young women all about the classics in

Caldonbrae’s administration takes on power of attorney for Rose’s mother without asking

It seems like even the girls know something she doesn’t about the school

Content warnings for suicide, sexual assault, adult/minor relationship, child abuse, homophobia, racism

So when the Verdeau family needs someone to come on board as some sort of caretaker/assistant/

But at their lavish mansion, between caring for a sickly son and trying to keep the family’

Content warnings for substance abuse, suicidal ideation, classism, violence, self-harm

Kingfisher decided to help us out with that problem with this satisfyingly creepy rendition of “The Fall

But when Alex arrives, it’s immediately clear that something is deeply wrong

Alex and new friend, mycologist Eugenia Potter, must figure out what’s wrong with the house before

Content warnings for body horror, animal death, suicide, transphobia

This time, Charm is forced to visit the Emperor on his deathbed

Content warnings for violence, suicide, pedophilia, rape, forced institutionalization, parental death

Catherine House is the ultimate boarding school of the power-hungry

The deal: in exchange for the prestige and success you’ll get after graduation, you commit to

She thought it would be rigid and boring, but finds the students have rich, fun social lives

But when something happened to Baby, Ines is forced to take a harder look at Catherine House

Content warnings for forced institutionalization, substance abuse, animal cruelty, suicide

If I had a nickel for every Sarah Gailey book I fell in love with, I’d

Not to mention, the town hates her for her connection to him — and her mother for turning

Except that she keeps finding notes in her father’s handwriting

And she’s pretty sure that something’s hiding under her bed at night

Is her father’s ghost — or that of his victims — actually at rest? Or are there more

Mira was happy to leave her small Southern town behind a long time ago

She’s excited to see Celine, not to mention Jesse — her old crush, who she hasn’t

Climate disaster is worse than ever, and two refugees are trying to get out east to escape

In desperation, they try to get down into the mines of a ghost town, in hopes that

Not to mention, the diary speaks of a time when the town was haunted by a curse

Tough, stubborn socialite Noemí goes to the High Place determined to bring her cousin home

Content warnings for sexual assault, racism, body horror, violence

Her new book of memoir-slash-literary analysis is an insightful investigation into her own complicated love of all

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