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NaNoWriMo Preptober: Nail Your Character and Their World | by

The questions you need to answer to set the stage for a compelling story

Especially your main protagonist, whose arc has to carry the story

Whether we like them or not, we feel drawn to either see them succeed, or we’re

Therefore, your main character is arguably the most important piece of your story

Otherwise, you risk writing a plot-driven story where the character is merely dragged around by what happens,

This can be a lot harder than it looks, especially if you have a strong idea of

The temptation is to push the character into a situation because the plot demands it, but pretty

Why? Because if there are no internal stakes for the character, they are one-dimensional

So how do you create a character readers actually care about? Below are some questions to get

This involves outer and inner conflict: the outer situation forces them to deal with their inner conflicts

This also ties into their Want, or Desire: the strongest “wants” are the ones driven by an

Notice I don’t say here whether he actually gets a wife and child

Or maybe he gets a “found family” of other wounded folks and learns to be a part

Keep in mind you can change it as the story evolves, but any changes you make must

, if only women can use magic in your story, you can’t have a man suddenly be

If you get stuck while writing, write “TK” (for “to come”) and just keep writing

All of these affect your character in both obvious and subtle ways

Whether your reader would actually enjoy that prospect or not… is up to you