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Must-Read Asexual Books for Ace Week

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Unlike some other queer representation, asexuality doesn’t always leap off the page

You can’t necessarily tell if a story will include asexual or aromantic representation from the blurb

But asexual books are very much out there and for Ace Week this October we want to

That’s right, folks, I had more than enough asexual books to pick from for this must-read

I did my best to include the specific flavor of representation in all of the books and

Please, please, note not all ace-spec people are sex-repulsed

That does not invalidate their identity! A number of these books include characters who have sex and

But it’s not okay to invalidate the experience of ace-spec people who do

Remember, my dears: read what you want to read and let others read what they want to

After her little sister dies in a car accident, Rumi Seto loses her best friend, her passion

Consumed with her own grief, Rumi’s mom sends her to live with her aunt in Hawaii

It’s only as she begins opening up with a grieving elderly neighbor and the surfer boy

Georgia has never understood why she doesn’t crush like her other friends do, but kissing and

It’s not until she discovers the A in LGBTQIA in college that her experiences finally click

And now that she understands herself, maybe she can finally live her life the way she’s

In fact, Noah’s still too deep in the closet to have any stories of his own

But with very real feelings beginning to grow between them, maybe this fictional romance is about to

In this queer historical YA novel set in turn of the 20th century Norway, a girl runs

The three only have one shot to accrue enough kroner to survive: they must enter the village’

In a version of America where stories come to life, a Lipan Apache girl with the power

And the secrets they’re hiding are even more horrifying than Elatsoe could’ve imagined

In a world where companies control everything, speaking out against them is unthinkable

But staying silent when Mallory knows the truth isn’t possible either

It’s just as thoughtful and intriguing as Chambers other work (like the Wayfarers series) and features

Which is exactly what he needs in order to escape those who wish to tear him apart

When the crime boss in charge of the circus where Jes works discovers the bounty on his

But if Jes and his friends at the circus can work together to bring down the mobster

Firuz-e Jafari escaped the slaughter of traditional Sassanian blood magic user in their homeland to come to

But for producer Dev, the happily ever afters he helps create are more than real

And when Charlie’s awkwardness and anxiety threaten to derail the newest season, Dev is tasked with

Falling in love — especially with a contestant — definitely wasn’t part of the plan

Did you know the queen of steamy romances, Talia Hibbert, has a romance featuring a demisexual blacksmith

Enter: Zach Davis, her hot new best friend who is the king of casual hookups despite feeling

But is this pretend relationship just the first step toward something real?

The author of Let’s Talk About Love and If It Makes You Happy makes her adult

A weekend getaway might be her final chance to show him how she really feels, but then

This former friends to romantic partners story follows movie-obsessed Wren Roland who drunkenly sends out emails to

Is he in for months of humiliation or could the feelings he once harbored for his high

Two contestants on a reality dating show expect to vie for the affections of a bachelorette among

This is the first nonfiction book I ever read on asexuality, and it was really eye-opening

The ace community explains what it means to be the ace spectrum in their own words through

Chapters cover everything from dating and sex to what it means to be black and ace, queer

It draws from Audre Lorde’s work to propose an alternate approach to discussing intimacy beyond sex

Brown argues that the idea that everyone wants sex and has to have it to live a

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