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More Standalone YA Fantasy Books You Should Read

But for the past few years, I’ve also been craving more self-contained stories that don’t

In fact, that’s exactly what makes them great reads for both fantasy newbies and genre veterans

We covered adult fantasy standalones recently here at Book Riot

So today I’m going to focus on standalone YA fantasy books

From mythology retellings, to mermaids, golems, witches, and even exorcists

That’s because, now more than ever, standalone YA fantasy books are thankfully full of non-Western, non-white,

So without further ado, let’s dive into eight great standalone YA fantasy books that are absolutely

Let’s kick things off with a Japanese-inspired fantasy! A Thousand Steps into Night follows Miuko, an

She’s slowly becoming a demon now, so Miuko embarks on an epic and adventurous quest to

Mythology is a big part of this list, so we’re moving on to an epic standalone

On her 17th birthday, she wakes up to find her body has started to transform

Her mother leaves her and her brother Gabe in order to find a cure for this curse,

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She took Shim Cheong’s place as the latest sacrifice for the Sea God

This is because her homeland is looking for the deity’s “true bride,” hoping it will put

Swept away to the Spirit Realm, Mina discovers that the Sea God is trapped in an enchanted

Next comes a magical book about mermaids! A Song Below Water follows Tavia, who is forced to

But their whole lives are turned upside down when an internet celebrity, who also happened to be

To make things worse, Tavia’s powers are revealed in front of the police

As everyone’s secrets come to light, no one will be safe anymore

Lost in the Never Woods follows Wendy Darling and her two brothers

Her past was all but forgotten, until children start to go missing again — and Wendy almost runs

Together, they set out to find the children before it’s too late

Moving on to a super fun and witchy standalone! The Witchery begins with Logan, a newbie witch,

It’s great that Logan has found a new coven, for Haunting Season is here and Wolves

Jade Fire Gold is an action-packed and romantic fantasy standalone that pays homage to the Xianxia novel

Ahn has no past and no memories, while Altan is a lost heir whose future was stolen

Their meeting will change their lives forever and set them on an epic quest

Last but not least, Lauren Blackwood said let’s take Jane Eyre and make it magic

Enter Magnus Rochester, who hires her to rid his house of the Evil Eye

Soon after Andromeda arrives at his castle, she realizes that this job isn’t like the rest

Magnus is clearly hiding something, and the evil that lurks behind the walls is unlike any other

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