Read Lovely Books

Master These Three Skills to Beat AI and Become

“My days as a writer are numbered… I was just getting started!!!”

Businesses are already using them successfully to create landing pages, emails, ads, and even blog posts

If you do what you’ll read in this article article, AI won’t be able to

This is the subject of an email from a very experienced entrepreneur I follow

“Here it comes,” I think, “the proof that AI is making me useless

To get better results, AI tools are used more like writing assistants

So, first (relieving) observation: AI isn’t currently replacing writers

Sooner or later, AI will learn how to crack jokes and make its output feel more human

Once, I received suggestions about baby sleep training from one of our newsletter subscribers

They wrote for encouragement or asked how it was going after some weeks

This necessity will probably increase as the awareness of computer-generated content grows

Readers will start wondering: am I devoting my time and attention

So, the first “trick” to beat AI-generated text is hidden in plain sight in every book about

You choose the personal details more significant for your audience

We have to bring original ideas to leave a mark and attract attention

I feel I will never succeed unless I come up with a new relativity theory, something that

It’s true also for masterpieces like Star Wars or Harry Potter

Rowling fans wouldn’t ever read beyond page 10 of The Lord of The Rings

For example, on our Italian site we help people start and grow online businesses selling courses

We introduced a simple framework to analyze performance and strategize

You can’t schedule a retreat in the woods once a year, feel a bag with fresh

Here’s how I try to maximize the probability of good “original” ideas:

You can find good food for thought in the Category Pirates newsletter

For a more specific guide, read Snow Leopard and The art of fresh thinking by the same

I go through his archive, subscribe to the newsletter, and listen to every interview he’s a

Sharing personal details and coming up with fresh ideas are already two ways to build rapport

Do you know that Substack recently added a chat feature for newsletter writers? It’s a sign

Here are some suggestions from my experience to start from zero: Why and How To Launch a

AI and automation could make the production of basic goods so cheap we don’t need to

Or it could turn into a merciless, energy-greedy overlord… 🤖

But there’s no reason to worry about what you are unable to predict

If you love writing and feel you can become good at it, keep going

Independently of the evolution of AI, they will make you a better writer, attract an engaged audience