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Lovely Listening: 10 of the Best Audiobooks for Kids

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Reading via audiobook has been a staple in my family for almost a decade now, with books

Audiobooks for kids allow them to immerse themselves in the story, racking up cadence, expression, and an

Audiobooks for kids are also great because they often can be enjoyed by the whole family

As they get older and age out of our common interests, we can keep finding audiobooks to

I’m a huge David Tennant fan, which puts this audiobook right at the top of my

Finding narrators you know from other parts of life is an audiobook bonus and an additional hook

This book is very different from the movie adaptation, so even those familiar with the popular film

I’ve included the most recent release, but there are a 17 books and several accompanying novels, all

I’ve been a fan of this series since I discovered it a few years ago

An amazing mix of fantasy and science, the Zoey and Sassafras stories include mystical creatures with problems

This is a great entry to audiobooks for beginners — the slim books have short running times without

His voice perfectly brings to life the various characters, and the magic of being there at the

When my oldest started asking for “the mouse” whenever I buckled him in his carseat, I cried

I actually have not listened to this one yet, but it is getting rave reviews from friends

Amari plunges into a previously unknown world of paranormal magic, frantically pursuing her lost brother

Add in pets, neighbors, and a brownstone that is a character of its own, and you have

When You Reach Me is about middle school growing pains and family strife, but it’s also

It’s hard to explain without giving anything away, but it is beautiful

I’ll be singing the praises of this series until I’m gone

The story is the same slim classic that has been delighting readers for decades

I’m so glad my family was introduced to the book in this format — it was a

Hopefully you’ve found some audiobooks for kids to pique your interest! Looking for more audiobook content?