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I am a huge fan of entertainment, so I don’t like to play the game of

It happens often that I’m watching a show or film and think “Oh, people who enjoy

” And I have similar thoughts when I read a book and immediately think the readers who enjoy

This is probably one of my favorite things to write, because I love watching people discover something

I aimed for different moods and content, so we have everything from teen werewolves and murder all

About the book: Single mum Rosaline Palmer has been selected to compete on a baking show with

But she meets a fellow contestant upon arrival that catches her heart’s attention and thinks she

What they have most in common: An entire season of a baking competition show, including all the

What they have most in common: A woman navigating hosting a cooking television series, never having done

About the show: This is a funny romcom about a mermaid who falls in love with a

The catch is he doesn’t know who she is and her heart can only survive on

About the book: Three mermaids run out of wine they’d found in a shipwreck so they

Now they have to figure out how to get jobs, where to live, and how to reverse

About the film: Think Strangers On a Train but at a prep school, and two teen girls

Drea will enact revenge on the person who outed Eleanor and Eleanor will enact revenge on Drea’

About the graphic novel: Becca is the new kid in school and falls into the popular girls

About the film: Jibran and Leilani have reached a place in their relationship where they just bicker

About the book: Mira and Naveen were previously matched up by a matchmaker but parted ways after

Now they’re both surprised to see each other when Mira walks into Naveen’s office to

What they have most in common: A broken up couple running from criminals with a second chance

About the book: Aideen is navigating life as best as she can when she decides to help

Except now other teens are coming to Aideen needing her to similarly fix their problems

About the book: Mika Moon has been taught that witches need to stay away from each other

Suddenly she’s summoned to come to a remote house and teach three young witches how to

About the show: JP is a horrible human being, so his four sister-in-laws band together and plan

All while a pair of insurance agents try to prove the sisters are in fact murderers in

About the book: Former celebrity Rhys Lloyd is found dead on New Years Day

Two detectives from different countries are paired together to figure out who murdered him

What they have most in common: A despised murder victim, multiple point of view, odd couple investigators,