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Look at the Birdy: 8 of the Best Books About

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As a young kid growing up in the woods of Maine, there were birds everywhere

And while I was aware of them and could identify quite a few, I didn’t really

I became really invested in creating a great space for birds in our backyard, with feeders, plants,

And I also learned that I wasn’t alone — a lot of people started birding during the

You get to see beautiful creatures, and sometimes you even get to solve a mystery, when you

(One of my actual internet searches: “Maine bird chickadee with yellow butt

) And sitting still and observing nature is great for your mind and body

So if you want to start birding, are looking for inspiration, or even just love looking at

You can read these great articles Racism in Birding, Black Birders Call Out Racism, and The Racist

Also check out Birding For Everyone: Encouraging People of Color to Become Birdwatchers by John C

Bellany is a wildlife biologist and avid birder, and a co-organizer of Black Birders Week

I had to include this book because DK books are always the most visually stunning, and this

Yes, you can look up any bird on the internet now, but there’s something about holding

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Part birding book, part memoir, this is a wonderful look at someone who became a birder as

Not only was it a fulfilling way to spend time, she realized she had a lot more

Phoebe Snetsinger was almost 50 when doctor’s told her she had less than a year to live

As someone who was passionate about birds, she decided to spend that time checking birds around the

Snetsinger’s doctors were wrong, and she lived another 18 years, during which time she saw more different

But you might be amazed at just how smart most birds really are

Strycker discusses what humans and birds have in common, and also how our intelligences are very different

You can find great bird guides specific to your country, your area of the country, or even

But for people who are beginning birders, this is a great place to start, either for yourself

This spring, I discovered that my neighbors had Baltimore orioles (the birds, not the sports team) in

This guide will help you find what specific things you need to attract the birds you are

If you are excited to read more about birding, I also want to point out a great

It’s not available new in print any longer, but if you ever come across a copy,