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Literary Printables for Last Minute Gifting

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Fortunately for you, your beloved recipient is a reader, and there are all sorts of options for

My personal favorite? A digital gift card to the independent bookstore of their choice popped into a

It feels a little more thoughtful as a package than just a gift card, and it allows

The best way to print these sorts of downloads, I’ve found, is usually to take the

(Some print shops might be able to laminate the bookmarks for you, but that will add to

I took the liberty of picking out some of my favorite literary bookmarks and printable art that’

My goal in these selections was to only include original art

Now, be quick! There’s only a few printing days until Christmas!

I found a few different library card–style bookmarks in my search, but these are my favorite

I love that they have room for a start and end date, along with a rating! $3

Who doesn’t love books and coffee? Actually, a lot of people don’t! But some people

Birds flying south in the late autumn! The aurora borealis in the winter! $2

I love an overflowing bookstore, and these book-lined windows are so appealing

The artist describes this as “boho,” but I think it would work with a lot of styles! $5

I’ve seen a lot of typewriter art in my literary art trawls, and I loved the

While actually piling books this way may stress me out, I loved this unusual angle and the

Even if you did want to use up an entire black ink cartridge, I don’t think

If you’re looking for more bookish art, here is some exciting and original bookish art

And if you want more printables, here are some lovely printable coloring pages