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LET’S TALK ABOUT IT Removed from Oak Brook

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Oak Brook is also home to one of the most unconventional public library setups, both in the

There is no formal library board that governs library operations

Instead, the village board operates in that capacity, and while that board appoints a commission to help

With this setup, it is also easy for books to suddenly disappear from shelves if someone on

Tiesenga, who is a lawyer in Oak Brook, has been on the Village Board since elected in 2015

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The book, published for teens, was available in the teen section of the library at the time

Upon receipt of the email, Post shared that the book, which had received a complaint by a

But residents of Oak Brook utilizing their own library are unable to pick it up from shelves

What is equally disturbing, though, is that nothing on the Village Board agenda–nor the recording of

Not only was he happy to hear that the book would not be available to “children”–it

This particular line of reasoning for book removal includes a bonus ding at the current president and

In the case of Oak Brook, a complaint by a board member led to the director pulling

Even if, as Post says, there was a patron complaint, no process to formally review the book

Post is in a precarious position: if he removes the book, he censors; if he doesn’t

When those covering censorship talk about the untold stories, it’s stories like these which unfold in

Banning books has become a way for right-wing groups to become heroes and film their 15 minute performances

Those book bans hurt people outside of their small, but well-funded, groups

They never had them to begin with in a system of favoritism or politics

In which their rights to access information are taken from them without due process