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Let These 10 Books Like TO PARADISE Break Your Heart

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On the other hand, it’s a big world of books out there, and none of them

To Paradise is a tryptic of novels, each set 100 years apart in 1893, 1993, and 2093

The names of the characters persist across each of the stories

The 1893 portion provides something of an alternate history; a different outcome of the Civil War created marriage

Reading Hanya Yanigahara’s work is a deeply emotional experience

Fans of her work are readers who love books that present a challenge while also being thoroughly

Books like To Paradise are also the ones that will examine the hidden connections across people and

As a note, I will say that big fans of To Paradise may want to read the

It’s no mistake that Toni Morrison’s work has a similar title to Yanigahara’s

Ruby is an all-Black town with an all-women commune on the edge of town that rankles some

This is one to read if you were intrigued by the commune in Hawaii recounted in To

Both To Paradise and Young Mungo have stories of gay men finding love and searching for belonging

They’re meant to be sworn enemies, except they’re not at all

If you’re looking for a book that will absolutely wreck you, this is the one

Where To Paraside looks at the same New York City apartment 100 years apart, The Actual Star looks

If you love the deep worldbuilding of To Paradise, this book is a fantastic choice

It’s set over the course of one night in the waiting room of a psych clinic

Jacob, a Yemeni-born poet, recounts his life as he is attended to by Satan, Death, and 14 angels

The book is rife with sadness and longing, making it perfect for fans of To Paradise

To Paradise is a meditation on connection and loneliness, and how government and politics can affect people’

In it, a kidnapped girl named Qiaoling is the link between two men named Yang Baishun and

Both Yang and Niu have struggled to forge connections over the course of their lives

As the novel unfolds, it underscores the nature of communication and the long reach small actions can

This one is more speculative than To Paradise, but it does also create that web of connections

A man exploring the Canadian wilderness comes across it, a novelist pens it into her book, and

This mysterious and dazzling novel will certainly have you musing about the nature of time

If the melancholy tone of Hanya Yanigahara’s work appeals to you, you should absolutely be reading

Kafka on the Shore is certainly more whimsical than To Paradise, but it also focuses on unexpectedly

The two embark on a wild journey to find out who Kafka really is

What connects past, present, and future in Cloud Cuckoo Land is an ancient text

Cloud Cuckoo Land (the name of the ancient text in the book) is its own sort of

Like To Paradise, the stakes are very personal in this book that imagines evolution beginning to rapidly

The story follows her quest to keep herself and her child safe and richly delves into Cedar’

It’s really important to understand the impact AIDS has had on society and culture

To Paradise makes AIDS one of the book’s many concerns, but The Great Believers focuses how

Fiona’s story picks up 30 years later, when she finally grapples with the effect AIDS had on

This is a really heavy pile of books like To Paradise, both physically and metaphorically speaking

But you may want more, or you may be looking for a book that addresses an aspect

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