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Kiss Her Once For Me by Alison Cochrun ⋆ LitBuzz

Alison Cochrun fans will be delighted with “Kiss Her Once For Me” the sophomore Sapphic romance set

Cochrun’s debut novel “The Charm Offensive” is a beautifully written romance while also delicately addressing important

Charlie and Dev discover, while falling in love with each other, new and beautiful parts of themselves

Those same themes carry through into “Kiss Her Once For Me” with the added layer of working

Readers meet her at one of the lowest times of her life, as does the romantic interest,

I hadn’t planned to draw a ten-episode web series about that day – hadn’t wanted to

Ellie works so hard to be perfect and the best, so when things go South she wallows

I empathize a lot with battling those intrusive thoughts, with fighting hard to not sink beneath the

“Kiss Her Once For Me” might have benefited from a little more of Jack’s perspective

I would have loved to get more of that night from Jack’s perspective

The one small detail that concerned me, at least at the beginning of this novel, was that

There are portions of the webcomic interspersed in the book, and it reads like a novel within

I was hoping that there would be either an illustration or some written direction layered into the

“Kiss Her Once for Me” has so many components that come together to make an enchanting story,

All of these, paired with self-discovery, mental health awareness, and the snow, make a recipe for one

I hope you all enjoy Alison Cochrun’s gift this holiday season