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January 2023 Horoscopes and Book Recommendations

Welcome to Book Riot’s January 2023 Horoscopes and Book Recommendations! Perhaps you’ve set a lofty reading

Check out your horoscope for an idea of what’s ahead this month, along with a recommendation

Retrograde: It’s not just for Mercury! All planets go into retrograde from time to time, and

Retrogrades are more of a time to slow down and reflect on the area of your life

The dreaded Mercury retrograde started on December 29 and will continue through January 18

Mars, the planet ruling action, ambition, and aggression, has been in retrograde since late October and will

And Uranus, which rules innovation and rebellion, has spent five months in retrograde, putting a wrench in

So while 2023 may have a bit of a slow start, things will be back in forward motion

New endeavors are popular in January for all signs, but you’re in particular luck

Your love life is especially pleasant right now, and there’s lots of fun to be found

When Nar’s tech bro boyfriend proposes, she realizes she’s been looking for love in the

Her mother excitedly plans a month-long search for Nar to find love and her cultural roots in

Nar isn’t out as bisexual to her family, but with Erebuni by her side, she’s

But not making a decision is a decision in itself, and one that could hurt you

Your path forward will become clear in the second half of the month

If you’re stuck, travel may be what’s necessary to find answers

So when Anchorage investigator Cara Kennedy is called in after a severed hand and foot wash up

Feeling stuck in your head, Gemini? As the new year begins, you find yourself more focused on

Your introspection can cause frustrations in relationships and at work

Others may not understand why you struggle to hit the ground running in January

Check out The Love You Save by journalist and human rights activist Goldie Taylor

Authors like Toni Morrison and James Baldwin helped her find hope and a path to a better

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January calls on you to find comfort in the people and activities you’ve loved the longest

Returning to forgotten hobbies can bring full-circle realizations

But they quickly realize it’s being replaced with “apprenticeships” that are no different, and they still

Rachel runs away, determined to track down the five children that were taken and sold throughout her

Ready for a fast-paced month, Leo? Big things are ahead for you, from travel opportunities to exciting

Family life may be stressful if you don’t give it the attention it needs

Luckily, she finds two friends willing to help her position herself as a socialite: Anya, her wealthy

But faking her way into the circles of the rich and famous is harder than Samantha expects,

There’s nothing more thrilling to you than a brand new planner and a chance to start

Conflict with coworkers can make work difficult, so avoid ruffling feathers

Emily, an author, becomes fascinated by a 1970s summer at the very same villa that led to

As Emily investigates the villa’s secrets, long-brewing tensions between Emily and Chess surface as well

Finding common ground among opposing parties is one of your super powers, and January requires you to

If you keep a level head and find solutions, you’ll be rewarded

Seventeen-year-old Theo feels brave when his best friend dares him to ask his crush to prom in

But then he gets publicly turned down, and he hides in an upstairs bedroom while panicking about

But he isn’t alone for long, as other partygoers join him one by one to be

The planets will throw many roadblocks into your path this month

Finances are especially tricky, so avoid new or risky investments and spend wisely

Geeta’s husband went missing five years ago, and local gossip says Geeta murdered him herself

But there’s an upside to the situation: Geeta has more freedom to run her jewelry business,

Planetary retrogrades may mean nothing is going to plan, but your positive outlook in January will take

Romance is in the air and new relationships may be formed, as long as you don’t

As Bolstad’s mother neared death, she told her daughter that they had inherited the mineral rights

Bolstad knew only that this land once belonged to her homesteading great-grandmother, whose husband mysteriously sent her

And unfortunately, the planetary positions aren’t giving you much power to change things

A little introspection now will make it easier to get things moving in a few weeks

In contemporary Delhi, the powerful Wadia family always gets what they want, sometimes through nefarious means

We meet the Wadia family at the scene of a car crash, where the family’s Mercedes

That will prove very useful, especially when Uranus stations direct on the 22nd and makes way for

Travel is an important part of your journey in January, so look for answers to your problems

And Nehal’s husband seems to only have eyes for a poor bookseller named Giorgina

Giorgina has her own secrets too: she’s an earthweaver and part of radical women’s rights

Your people pleasing tendencies can keep you from being fully honest about things that matter

Extra clarity will be surprisingly helpful in financial dealings

It can also help a romantic relationship take a big step forward

Three sisters find love and safety at home amidst a violent political revolution in 1940s Bengal

As they move toward their futures on different paths, they wonder if it’s possible to keep