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It’s High Time We Leave This Mindset Behind

One big lesson I learnt after writing online for more than a year and half

On some retrospective exploration, I discovered this was not some random mistake or misunderstanding but a big

So what is it and why do I think most new writers often encounter this in their

These questions and many more have been bugging me for the past two days and I have

It is about the most basic of them all — so basic we oftentimes forget if it even

You are not an AI (and nor should you be) that gives out 1,000 words in seconds after

Some days you are able to write more productively than others

Being a little too harsh on ourselves is what this hustle culture has normalised

Doing as if you are obliged to do so and then think it is normal

Many points and approaches mentioned there still hold true and are extremely effective

The problem arises when you try to displace one thing for the other and term this behaviour

I will take this opportunity to mention that consistency doesn’t mean every day

Upon reading it, one can clearly point out that I am being interchangeable with ‘consistency’ and ‘writing

Writing daily might satisfy your ego but what about the reader’s time? Will I be able

This helped me more than any other write-daily-else-what-are-you-doing article

I can recall many instances where this mindset made me choose the wrong way

That’s why here is a quick summary of what you can learn from this article (a

On the flip side, it makes me naive enough to believe and not question everything I see

One lesson I can learn is to be flexible enough to accept new perspectives and not get

That’s why from now on I will equally focus on the quality of my articles and