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Is vs Was: What’s the Difference?

The words is and was are both conjugations of the auxiliary verb “to be

Learn more about the differences between is and was, and see examples of each word in sentences

” Is describes an event in the present tense, while was describes an event in the past tense

Let’s look at each word in more detail along with their plural forms

” It describes something that is happening now to one person or thing

Alternatively, if you wanted to describe an event happening now to multiple people or things, use the

For example, “they are running” describes a group of people who are running now

Was is the past continuous tense, third-person singular form of “to be

For example, “he was cooking” describes a boy who used to be cooking, but now isn’t

For example, “they were cooking” describes a group of people who used to be cooking, but now

The best way to remember how to use words is to see them in action! Here are

The speaker wants to know if Daisy is presently in the same location that she was in

The speaker has acknowledged that the cat is now molting, and they want to know if the

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