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Is Typing the New Writing?. We Are Programmed This

I am delighted to be a writer for this excellent publication, “The Writing Cooperative” however, the very

I used to sit with my class friends in the English room and listen to our teacher

The sound of the pen writing on the paper will never leave my ears; however, I have

It is a fair question to ask, when was the last time you used a pen and

Is typing the new writing? Are we hoodwinking ourselves? Say it enough, and we all believe it;

If I did a poll, I am positive that 95% of the readers here today type rather than

The first mention of a “computer” that I can find was in 1822; yes, you did read that

The first personal computer began back in 1977, although I did not get my first computer until 1993; in

Writing is a beautiful thing, disciplined, creative, and “old-fashioned”, but something that I love all of the