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Is This the Golden Age of Writing? | by Sharon

I wrote for publication forty years ago before career and family intervened

The magic of the internet offers the possibility of virality or One Important Reader who can change

Literary associations, writers’ professional associations, and book fairs have sprung up in most major cities

Many writers’ associations have affiliates in rural areas, and zoom has made virtual meetings easy

Per a New York Times article (“Why Writers Love to Hate the MFA”) the number of MFA

My cynical self says all those MFA’s have to pay their loans back somehow

But I don’t remember that forty years ago writers were the equivalent of rock stars

I’ve paid to go to sold-out auditoriums to hear a best-selling author read from their most

They traded advice on make-up and posing for photos, as well as answering more serious questions about

She originally self-published, and has a rabid fan following thanks to Tik Tok and Book Tok and

Like many wistful writers, I have mixed feelings about the age-old questions of literary merit vs

However, Margaret Atwood and other literary writers have proven there doesn’t need to be a disconnect

But then, if we don’t have a choice, we yearn for the option

“The number of writers has increased, but the number of readers has not,” says Joseph Harrison, senior

8% in 2022, the number of units sold in total still represents an increase

It is difficult to project if readers’ habits will persist as daily life returns to a pre-shutdown

While more writers may be writing, and more virtual ink spilled, I am struggling to find my

I am published in an anthology, along with some friends from my writers’ group

I have a different target market and perhaps am not the same writer, with a different perspective

But I don’t know how many magazines were sold with my story in it, and how

Nor do I trot down to the post office to weigh my manila envelope before sending it

As a friend said, the opportunity has never been better and the bar has never been lower

It may mean that we writers don’t make much money on our published work

But that has always been the case, it’s just now the quest for reads without dollars

The great promise the internet has fulfilled is there are no gatekeepers