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Is Marvel Unlimited Worth It? Price

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The big two have been in the digital fray for a while, particularly Marvel Comics with Marvel

Launched in 2007 (after a few other, less-successful platforms), it is the go-to digital platform for Marvel Comics

If you’ve been on the fence about Marvel Unlimited for the last 15 years or haven’t

Marvel Unlimited is the subscription-based digital comic book platform for Marvel Comics

Annual Plus includes some physical swag that changes each year

The Annual Plus membership also includes invitations and access to Marvel events as well as 10% off some

There’s no way to compile an exhaustive list of all the comics on Marvel Unlimited

Most titles are available six months after their release in your local comic book shop

Want to read the latest thing that all of your fellow nerds are going to be talking

In addition to brand-new issues, Marvel MAX titles are also missing, likely to make sure the app

Some classic and obscure titles are also missing, though you never know when those titles will be

This means you can find all the issues your favorite writer or artist contributed to

My favorite part of the interface is the Reading List section

Here, the folks at Marvel Unlimited have put together complete reading lists of major and minor storyline

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If you have a larger tablet like an iPad Pro, then the pages are even larger than

Issues can also be downloaded for offline reading, which is handy if you’re going on a

The apps also allow you to save titles to your own library for reading later, and it

This includes if you’re like me and bounce around between multiple series

This interface will not allow you to save things or remember what you were reading last, however

This service is pretty much the opposite of filling long boxes, and having artists and writers sign

99 a year, I have access to more comics than I could possibly read in my life, let