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Is Keeping On Writing About That Really the Best

I remember the first piece I ever published for the Writing Cooperative

It gave me a boost of confidence and, maybe as a result, I wrote better pieces soon

I began publishing often for this publication and became a Series writer — now called Columns

I mean, ME, a small-time writer, was part of a group of ten-ish people with a Series

A year and a half in, this is my last article as part of my column The

And I’m sure you can learn from it too, whether you’re a budding writer or

I’ve specialized in a few different niches since I began writing in late 2018

I wrote about self-improvement, love, happiness, productivity, language learning, and writing

I speak 6 languages and have studied 20 so, you know, I know a few things about the topic

And yet, I knew writing about writing wasn’t what I wanted to do forever

This article is a pleasure to write because it’s a topic I currently hold dear

I prefer writing my weekly 7 bullet points newsletter on language learning

It’s a topic I want to do once in a while but not regularly

For the rest, wait for inspiration, for a topic that makes your fingers tingle out of excitement,

I’ve written about language learning since my very first piece

Out of the 1500ish articles I’ve written, there are at least 900 on the topic

I used to try to inspire new people to learn languages but now I prefer focusing on

I’ve even had a listicle period during which every piece I wrote was a listicle

Would you rather have a crappy level 17 Farfetch’d? An alright Ditto Pokemon changing in Charizard but

I’d rather keep evolving so I can one day become the final and best evolution I

Giving up The Alright Writer will lift a weight over me so I can focus on crafting

Every experience we live contributes to what our lives will become