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Is It Too Late to Start Writing?

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a writer but haven’t made it happen yet

Maybe writing has never seemed like an important enough priority to dedicate your time to

Maybe you think you’ve waited so long to start that it’s too late

No matter what your reason for not writing yet is, there’s one thing that’s certain

Next time you find yourself doubting if it’s still possible for you to start writing, hold

The earlier you start to write, the more experience of the technical craft of writing you have

The repetition of sitting down and getting words onto a page is a valuable discipline and one

But, counterintuitively, all the time you spent not writing has made you a better writer

All the time you spent on something other than writing was just preparation for getting started

But all of the things you’ve learned and experiences you’ve had will enrich your writing

So when you next try to trick yourself into feeling like you’ve wasted however many years

It’s easy to make the mistake of confusing what you do with who you are

You might hold beliefs like “I’m not the kind of person who could be a writer”

Being a writer is as simple as committing to some form of writing and making it happen

If you commit to writing a single page and do it after finishing this article, you’re

In truth, telling yourself that you’re not a writer isn’t really about writing at all

Once you recognize that you might be fearful of writing, you can take steps to reduce the

Be very easy on yourself and let action be your only measure of success

Like so many things, starting writing is often the hardest part

Once you build even a little bit of momentum and progress a snowball effect will kick in

If you had started writing earlier in your life, your output would have reflected the values of

That’s not the way things should be, but it’s the world we live in

Let’s imagine your writing that began decades ago featured views or language that society no longer

This happens all the time, with controversies relating to classic works of literature as well as more

You can ensure your body of work reflects the person you’ve become and the things you

What’s more, you’ve also avoided pigeonholing yourself into a particular style or genre

Once writers have a reputation, and a fanbase with a particular set of expectations, it’s hard

Waiting until now to start writing means you’ve reached the perfect time to choose your style

There’s no longer a need to serve the mainstream market unless that’s what you want

Becoming a writer a little later in life means you’re in great company

Some of the most successful and beloved authors weren’t writers in their earlier years

Black Beauty author Anna Sewell had health issues and passed away a matter of months after her

Isn’t it encouraging that it’s not only possible to become a good writer at any

If it’s something you love, you almost owe it to yourself to try

As long as there’s breath in your lungs, there’s still time

There’s no point in living with regret, so why not get started right away?