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Introducing the 2023 Reading Log!

My favorite part of any new year is taking the time to set up my new reading

While there are many awesome features, you can always delete or hide the ones that you don’

I recommend hiding rather deleting, though — sometimes certain values are connected to other features, and you don’

When you click the link above to access it, you will see a blank log that cannot

Then, you’ll name the document whatever you want and save it to your personal Google Drive

) This allows you to keep your log in the cloud so you can access it wherever you

If the log looks like a LOT, don’t worry! You don’t have to use it

Plus, there’s a handy tab for tracking your Read Harder progress, and a tab for tracking

This log is inspired by a lot of feedback, multiple samples online, and my own whims when

I tried to include as many options as possible, but I highly encourage you to make it

I find it exciting to set it up each year and to reflect on what my reading

If you’d like instructions on how to edit it, watch my YouTube video walkthrough, which explains

Unfortunately, I am not able to respond to every single request for help due to the high

Want to see how the log has evolved over the years? Check out the 2020 log, the 2021 log,