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In A Writing Slump? Here Are 4 Ways To Escape |

It was also free and clear of all the writing rules Ive learned since

Ten years later, I know a lot more about writing and publishing than my baby writer self (

And while Ive grown as a writer, Ive also been hardened by the journey

There were a few things my BWS didnt even comprehend before publishing her first novel

Once its published, its out of your hands and into the readers where it will

I released my first book believing it was one that EVERYONE would love

Third, I had little idea what it took to get eyes on my books

Id heard somewhere that the best way to market your books was to write another book

Now, this isnt a terrible thing except I was writing books across genres

So rather than sticking to one lane, I stuck to them all even within series

It was a huge clusterf*ck, and not only did I confuse my readers, but I didn

Then I made it my mission to learn everything I could about this genre

And then, when it came to writing, there were so many different voices in my head, I

Id constantly second guess myself, and end up trashing everything Id written to start over

Add all this together over a 10-year period of time, and its enough to send most

The good news is that experience has taught me a few tricks to get out of this

So once Ive given myself time to lick my wounds and have a good self-pity session,

Make an inventory of everything youre currently doing to move your writing career forward, then look

As I mentioned above, I have jealousy tendencies when it comes successful authors

I admit this freely with only the tiniest bit of shame because I dont think I

I have found that the times I doubt my writing the most is when Im not

If youre feeling insecure or inadequate, consider a break from social media, maybe even reading other

If you have too much on your plate, take off as much as you possibly can

A break from writing might just be the space you need to find your passion once again