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I’m Vlogging Writing a Novel on YouTube | by

This is a weird one that makes me feel just a little pretentious

My content is varied, but has largely focused on cosplay, lolita fashion, and photoshoots

My channel is still pretty tiny, but I have a couple of videos that are doing okay

In late 2021 a new fiction idea smacked me over the head, wanting to be written so I

I had a twinge of should I do this when I’ve never published a book? but

To be honest, I was actually — and unjustly — annoyed at first

But then I realised that those channels are about #writerlife and that’s all they claim to

They’re not established authors sharing their process, and since they don’t pretend to be, that’

A step beyond simply “aspiring” (at least in my books) but nowhere near “established”

Now I’m two videos into what will likely be a ten to twelve video series, since

The book just recently hit 30k words of an estimated 81k total

It is a fantasy novel (with a huge dash of romance, though I hesitate to categorise it

If you’re curious, you can watch the first of my vlog series below — though be warned,

Despite it being almost the epitome of shouting into the void, it helps me focus

Despite it taking up time that, realistically, I could be spending writing more, it gets me into

Despite the videos being me talking to a camera in an empty room, having to put it

Given that I’m a nobody in writing terms, I don’t care that I’m “spoiling”

Do whatever inspires you, no matter if it feels pretentious or self-serving

Bring yourself joy and motivation and — if you’re so inclined — vlog or blog about your creative