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If I’d Niched Down

I’d qualified in nutrition years earlier, so I started by focusing on health and nutrition for

I started asking old folk what they were doing during the Second World War

The end result was a regular column in a military history magazine

Then I started writing about travel, specifically in a caravan

I wrote about caravanning holidays, campsites, DIY and maintenance

I also wrote about animals — contributing to a diverse array of titles with my animal stories

My guinea pigs started to be recognised by people on Twitter, from their frequent appearances in magazines!

A couple of the animal titles closed and the management killed the budget of the caravanning magazines

For years, I wrote about chickens and other poultry, such as pheasants and peacocks

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I also wrote for a naturist magazine, and a

I still dabble in each of these markets, but it’s easy to see how if I’

Writing on a diverse range of topics not only keeps things interesting

So, do you need to niche down to be a successful writer? Not at all

But frankly, narrowing your interests too much can make life a bit boring, limit your opportunities, and

That goes for writing online and writing for commercial clients

Being adaptable and able to tackle a wide range of different topics is actually a massive strength

On a platform like Medium, some strong interests that you write about regularly are good, but that