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Identity is Not a Genre

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When I first started it, it was harder to find book with queer women representation

A lot of them had been published, but it required some research to find, and they often

Luckily, a lot has changed since then, and far more people are talking about queer books — and

It’s an absolute delight to see more LGBTQ books getting published, and more readers picking them

No matter how many times it happens, I still can’t get enough of the hum of

Even if we are different in many other ways, it’s a way into the story

And I appreciate seeing queer representation beginning to become more varied, because we’re not a monolith

While they manifest in different ways, they all come down to one misunderstanding, which I’d like

A “lesbian book” is simply a book with a lesbian main character

It may be a thriller than only mentions her orientation in passing, and it never comes up

It may be a coming out story that is all about her sexual orientation

Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to have gotten the message that “sapphic book” means F/F

(It’s still used occasionally, but not usually as an umbrella term anymore

) Anything with a lesbian or bi woman main character was labelled lesfic, though it was mostly associated

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A woman is still bisexual if she’s in a relationship with a man, and so a

But saying that a book has representation of a certain identity (sapphic, disabled, Black, etc) doesn’t

Just because a book has queer content doesn’t mean that’s all it’s about, and

If I say a book is sapphic, I mean it has a sapphic main character (or subject,

It can involve M/F, F/F, F/NB, or NB/NB relationships, or no relationship at

To be brutally honest, I find it lazy for a reader to expect the word “sapphic” to

While I’m so happy to see queer books being discussed and recommended more online, I’d

Just as knowing someone is gay doesn’t tell you anything about their personality, knowing a book