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I Wrote My First Book 18 Months Ago — 3 Things I

Who would have thought that writing a book would be a learning experience more than a teaching

A year and a half after publishing The Unstoppable Freelancer, I am still learning from the experience

I hope they will help you look at writing from a different perspective and build a better

On re-reading the book, many moments made me think “oh, this is about client X” or “this

I shared the occasional anecdote, but I could have done so much more

It’s only after coming back to the book months later that I noticed this flaw

Never skip an opportunity to give a personal touch to your writing

Genuine experiences make the content go down easier and stick with the reader long after they’ve

So, while many of the examples are from my Upwork experience, the underlying principles are universally applicable

I have, however, partially failed in conveying this universal value

Several readers have contacted me saying that the Upwork content is great and asked if I had

I should have made it clear that it’s not Upwork content — it’s freelancing content with

You would be wise to find an answer before you publish your first book

Writing, and then observing the reactions, is how you understand your readers

However, it is not enough to send your writing to a couple of friends and relatives

That means you want strangers on the internet — as many as you can get

I had a few thousand Twitter followers at that point, and I talked to them

Thus, the feedback was skewed, unorganized, and sometimes misleading

Maintain the focus of your content at the expense of breadth and diversity, at least while writing