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I Went Low Where Hemingway Went High… Maybe

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In the same way I enjoy getting to know celebrities through memoirs, I also like getting to

These novels, although not always 100% factual in their retelling of events by any means, are often a

In 2016, after ordering a batch of fictionalized novels featuring famous people, I picked up The Paris Wife,

I liked the story; it did not try to hide Hemingway’s often assholeish tendencies (especially towards

They decide Hadley will travel to meet him, and when preparing for the trip, she takes with

She pops the manuscripts in a suitcase, and leaves for the train station

Once there, she finds a seat, places the suitcase under the seat, and steps outside to get

I think it is worth noting that, at this point, I knew nothing about Hemingway’s life,

I was not surprised, though still horrified, to find that the suitcase simply disappears a few pages

What caught me by surprise the most in this whole incident was the fictional Hemingway’s response:

In the face of this, I went in search of the true story, to confirm whether Hemingway —

Some sources note Hemingway was the one who requested Hadley bring his manuscripts when an editor asked

It was gone gone, all of it, including several short stories and the draft of a World

In the face of Hemingway’s composed reaction, I’ve often thought to myself that he might

In 2020, I decided to take part in NaNoWriMo for the first time

I even decided to finally get the Scrivener app on my iPad, because I had heard so

Then, on one fateful day, the syncing between Scrivener on my iPad and Dropbox mysteriously failed

Now, this did not account for all that many words as it was on day three or

But with the loss of my story, I felt unable to carry on writing

I cried and sent emails to try and recover the manuscript to no avail

I’m not saying I would have divorced Hadley, but I truly expected Hemingway to just tell

With some distance and clarity, maybe it is time to pick up my novel again

Maybe Hemingway was a bigger person than I was when the wound of my loss was fresh