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I Respond to Hostile Comments and Then Block the

It’s probably juvenile, but you have no idea about what I have to contend with

He wrote: “This guy replies to comments and then blocks the author so they can’t respond!”

Do you know what I did? I replied with, “Bye!” then I blocked and reported the writer

A moment after that, all twenty comments were gone from my article

I’ve got enough of a platform that I have to endure a lot of online harassment

Later that day when I scrolled through my responses, it was nice to see a full page

The punchline here is that these comments probably came from an actual human being

Justin Cox has been writing some articles on AI generated content

I’ve long assumed that many of the comments I receive could not have been written by

Only real human beings are foolish enough to include words that can get their account banned

The scary part is that we have to stay ahead of the false actors who use technology

I’m sure I’ll be discussing a new strategy that was deployed against me in the

Actually, there’s a whole list of things that would come as a result of that and

Curiosity and masochism no longer compel me to read a comment or message that’s clearly only

The sad part is that some real human beings who randomly encounter my writing and have no

Sometimes, even real human beings send me long winded and insulting lectures that only sound like they

It’s funny how bent out of shape people get when you delete their comments

That has happened to me maybe once or twice and I was stunned both times

Let me guess, the resulting text would start out, “We’re going to march down to the

Many of the people who harass me write from a new account that I haven’t yet

” Once they’ve used the word “censorship” they can now pivot to “fascist” and “authoritarian” and “tyrant

It’s like turning off the car radio because they keep playing Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

Or Bieber… imagine if people accused you of “censorship” because every time Justin Bieber came on the

That’s not “censorship,” that’s just an involuntary response

They just don’t have a right to ride on my coattails by throwing their names and

I want to make sure that all writers know they don’t have to tolerate any form

Deleting comments does not mean you’re creating an “echo chamber” of people who only reinforce your

People only say that kind of thing to try to bully you into listening to their unproductive

At this point, I have a spider sense about a comment that is about to go bad

I scan through hundreds of comments a day on a variety of platforms

When you see the same thing over and over and over, your reaction time improves

I’m operating entirely on feel, as in “I feel as if reading the rest of this

Yes, sometimes I reject other people because I perceive in them the flaws I refuse to recognize

You need to get to the point where you legitimately don’t care what cards the other

If you allow your curiosity about other people to dominate your decision making, you are surrendering power

Bet your hand or fold your hand based on what is best for you

Sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose, but if you’re committed to the best course

If you fold because you think calling is the wrong decision, and then the cards show otherwise,

In the long run, abandoning your strategy will work out poorly for you

Once you’ve made your decision based on reason, don’t even look at the cards

Get it? In a competitive setting, people only give you information to harm you!

If you read an insulting comment that really bothers you, and you just have to say something,

Yeah, you’re going to accidentally drop a few bombs on real human beings who are living

They wandered onto a battlefield and decided to go over and stand beside the army with the

Responding to a comment and then blocking the author is like throwing a stone at a hornet’