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I Read Some Manga With the Weirdest Titles

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So where do these wackadoo titles come from? First off, let’s talk about titles in general

In Japanese popular culture, it’s fairly common practice for titles and names to be quite long,

Not just limited to manga, you’ll see this for anything from movies and TV shows to

Not just for all the examples I’ve already listed, but for literally everything, like companies and

So back to the topic at hand: I’ve found that many bizarre manga titles are a

Combine this with cultural references or colloquialisms that don’t quite transfer when translated, and now we

So just for funsies, I decided to grab a random sampling of some of these funkily-titled manga

I’ll admit I’m not the biggest isekai fan, so I decided to go with something

Once I picked it up, it was a quick read and I definitely caught myself giggling at

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Don’t even try to tell me this title does not forcefully seize your attention and continue

Originally, I Want to Eat Your Pancreas was published as a serialized web novel, and the story

Turns out, I’m a sucker for unlikely friendships (and emotions!), so I devoured the entire manga

But I figured a title that made me react so horribly would probably be a great addition

Adachi is an awkward, unassuming salaryman who hasn’t had any experience in the romance department

I first saw this manga title without the cover for reference, and it had my mind racing

A special cafe run by a human-like cat helps to heal and recharge people’s weary souls

Akin to Cat Massage Therapy, also about cats rejuvenating people, this is a light and cozy read

Yet again, this is a title that, though somewhat odd and clunky, does tell you basically everything

It’s particularly obvious in the original Japanese, where the title uses the same formalized variation of “

What unfolds as they begin their life together is a beautiful, supportive friendship between two people who

Let me start out by saying I was completely charmed by both main characters and absolutely adored

BL is a form of media that allows them to look at a love story from the

And in regards to the manga themselves, when I started out on this reading adventure, I initially

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