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Huntsville Public Library (TX) Privatized After Pride Display

The Huntsville Public Library (HPL) has been under fire since this summer, when a book display riled

City Manager Aron Kulhavy called for the displays to be taken down, temporarily closing the library

Following the removal of both displays, the library was told they could not create any additional displays,

When asked why the displays were taken down, Kulhavy said it was to “better respond to citizen

A city police officer was behind the circulation desk reviewing books, reportedly taking one with him and

Three months later, the library still has no ability to put up displays

The library and city have been at odds since, culminating in a proposal by the city to

Employees at HPL received letters last week stating that their jobs would end in late January were

The president of the library board, Michelle Lyons, has asked the city to delay voting on the

LS&S is notorious in the world of public libraries for how it has changed the

While it is possible employees currently at HPL may be rehired by the company, when a private

LS&S will be beholden to the city of Huntsville, meaning that the city manager and

” But when asked whether anyone from ALA would be in attendance at the meeting or communicating with

LS&S led a presentation at this year’s ALA Annual Conference

The city of Huntsville voted 6-3 to hire LS&S, who will take over in January

Both the city manager and the chief of police have declined interviews with Houston area media

Moreover, the speed by which the city moved to make this change without any input or discussion

That same day, December 15, library workers received honors by the city for their excellent customer service at

They returned from the event with the notice of LS&S’s potential takeover and that

There was no time for public input or an information forum prior to the meeting where the

A major concern for citizens and library advocates following this takeover is LS&S’s stance

Moreover, the most vocal advocates for the public library and its commitment to the First Amendment rights

This is a devastating loss for the city, for its citizens, and for public services and goods