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How Your Book Club Can Fight Against Books Bans

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A single person can make a huge difference when they are diligent and organized

This book features a same-sex couple who have too many chickens, but when they try to rehome

She contacted the author to let him know what was going on in her community, worried that

Then, at the school board meeting, she spoke passionately about how important it was to keep this

If one person can make a change like that, imagine the power a group holds

Even a small book club of five or fewer members can make a huge difference when they

Here are some ways that your book club can fight against censorship in your community

Even if they are from several counties or a city and its surrounding counties, there’s a

Local news can be harder to find because it often doesn’t come to our phones with

With cell phones and the change in our culture where more people keep to themselves, it’s

A weekly newsletter focusing on literature by and about people of color!

Many libraries have book club in a bag where they will check out a set of books

This allows you to get information and updates directly from the source, often getting inside information that

To keep up with book banning and censorship news more broadly, sign up for Book Riot’s

Word of mouth has long been proven as the most effective marketing strategy

Talk to your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors about book challenges and bans going on in the

Since this is your issue, tell your people what you’ve learned and how you plan to

Then they will be able to make an informed decision based on a trusted source: you

Town hall, school board, and library board meetings are all open to the public and generally poorly

Much like word of mouth, showing up has a greater impact than almost anything else

Voting in your local elections for representatives who are against censorship in schools and libraries directly affects

This means to vote for who is on your school board, library board, county, city, and state

 We have guides for how to run for your school board and library board

There are so many challenged authors, especially in school libraries

Or reach out the the author of the book being challenged in your community letting them know

Often, because of the miracle of the internet, you’ll get a response from them

Invite them to join your book club one night, and they may even video in

Like many public service jobs, being a librarian can be thankless

A quick email from your cell phone one night during book club will brighten a librarian’s

Take one month and use the money that you would spend on acquiring the book for book

Donors Choose is a site that partners with educators to fund projects for their classrooms or libraries

When I searched “books” on the site, dozens of projects of teachers and librarians trying to provide

If not, then this is another opportunity for you to build a relationship with your librarians

Sometimes if it isn’t money, then there is a project or program they are running that

They help “public, school, and college libraries win bonding, tax, and advisory referendum, ensuring stable funding and

There is so much injustice, so many causes to fight for that it can feel like there’

Don’t let book banners convince you that you are powerless

Gather your people, make a plan, and get ready to change your community

If you want to read more about how to fight censorship, here is an anti-censorship toolkit and