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How Writing Is Like Baking Bread. As the holidays

As the holidays approach, there has been a lot of baking in my house

You may aspire to be published, but if you’re putting in the work, you’re a

Then, you add in flour and egg, maybe some spices, do a quick knead just to roll

That’s super sketchy (and a really long sentence), but this isn’t a baking lesson

You may decide to focus more on backstory as you go because you’re so compelled by

Don’t allow structure to get in your way or stop and go back to the beginning

But in this case, it’s forcing you to give yourself permission

And I really think during a first draft, you need to give yourself a break

That’s a waste of your time now and later when you have more to untangle

And write if you think you may delete this character but you aren’t sure

Even if you’ve mucked it up or it’s going to be dense or look like

In other words, look at it without love goggles and knock it down a peg

But unless you’re a prodigy — in which case, why are you listening to me? — you’ve

Are you just doing dinner rolls are you looking for a woven bread basket? Will you be

Your story is like this — on a scale of simple to complicated, linear to timey-wimey, with or

In draft two, you’ll be digging into those big picture edits

You’ve got this! Don’t worry if you forget to change someone’s name or your

This is when you take your raw story and you make it golden brown

This step is mostly when you catch your mistakes, when you see the moments where you left

You look for moments when your character does the same action a hundred times and you make

If a character no longer has a pet but you don’t want to write it back

When bread comes out of the oven, brushing a little butter over it adds so much

Oh, and if you want to drizzle icing on it, this is a great time

Now, some of this happens the moment it comes out of the oven, while others must take

You’re here to final commas, theirs instead of theres, a missing word or incorrect work (< —

You forking did it! You made the thing, you prettified the thing, and now, you’re ready

It’s not an under-baked dough baby, so whatever people want to say about it can’t

I don’t know if during the processes above you had an editor help you or shared

No matter what happened before this moment, it’s ready to share now! Are you ready to

There’s nothing that says you have to have readers or try for fame