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How will overturning of Roe v. Wade influence book

Recent political events have me considering the way our history shapes the books that writers write and

As for recent events, I’m wondering how the overturning of Roe v

Women have of course written books throughout history, and the best ones reflected the difficult realities of

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë focused on a woman making her way through the world with limited

Wade, stories written by women for women became much more common and not all were focused exclusively

Wade in the Supreme Court set the precedent for the legal right to abortion across the United

Though it was never codified into federal law, from 1973 to 2022, the legal right to abortion was protected

That changed on June 24, 2022, when the Supreme Court ruled on Dobbs v

It’s important to understand this basic history and how radically things can change with expanded access

The average age of first-time American mothers in 1970 was under 22

Today, more women are able to choose to wait for marriage until they are ready for it,

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For a lot of women, this meant joining the workforce first and advancing their careers in fields

For the past 20 years, The New York Times Best Seller List has approached equity in the numbers

However, when you go to the genre breakdown, women dominated the “domestic” genre since the 1980s and

Wade, we probably never would have gotten the explosion of women’s fiction and romance novels that

“I do write primarily for women,” she says at LitHub, “but what I refuse to accept is

Over the past few years, women authors have been accused of “conquering” fiction and leaving no space

Although numbers don’t support this assertion, it is true that anything approaching equality feels like a

Additionally, we’re only just getting more writing by women of color and by trans and gender-nonconforming

The biggest trend I’ve noticed in “women’s fiction” overall is having the freedom to make

Though there are still a ton of novels about successful women making the best of their lives,

All these reasons are equally valid and important for all people to access care

Things were never rosy for AFAB people seeking abortions around the country, even legally

I’m certain readers will continue to crave the candy-colored joy of a low stakes beach read

I wonder if there will be an uptick in historical, or sci-fi and fantasy genre fiction, which

Although many states are working to impose restrictions on anyone who is not a cisgender man, writing

It might be preferable to dive into a different world of fiction to process our terrifying reality

I personally hope there are also a small number of books imbued with hope and optimism and

In the past, female authors wrote under male or gender neutral-sounding pseudonyms in order to get their

Men determined that writing as a career would distract women from their proper duties of child-rearing and

It’s not just that the writers wanted their work to be assessed holistically; they knew their

The summer of 2020 caused a major uptick in customers purchasing social justice books, a trend which persisted

Even if things are changing quickly in customer buying patterns, publishing is slow to change because of

The first one is that writing, selling, and publishing a book takes a long time

However, there is also a crisis of faith in the publishing industry itself among young, overworked book

These past trends call into question how the publishing industry will respond to the Dobbs v

Authors might choose to publish anonymously if they are writing about fiction or nonfiction about these places

The issues with low pay and burnout in the publishing industry are driving out employees who would

When you only have privileged people in publishing, choosing which books get published and publicized, you get

My concern is that the majority of these stories will be skewed to the white perspective

Writers who have books on submission that fit the theme will get their work picked up, and

For further reading on the genres I discussed here, you can dive into books about social justice,