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How We Improved ProWritingAid in 2022

At ProWritingAid, we believe everyone should be able to express their ideas clearly, accurately, and confidently

Keep reading for a recap of all the exciting new features we released in 2022, and a sneak

We wanted to improve your writing experience in three key areas to allow you to:

This year, we focussed on making ProWritingAid available whenever and wherever you need it so you can

Everywhere helps you make sure your emails, documents, messages, and presentations are polished and error free across

Join 1000s of writers already improving their writing with Everywhere

Have you tried our browser extensions yet? Add our extensions to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge to

This year, we worked hard behind the scenes to make our extensions quicker and more powerful than

Whether you're writing for work, school, or publication, chances are you'll need to share your work with

In 2021, we introduced commenting to ProWritingAid so you could give and receive feedback as you work

Share your online documents for other writers to view, comment, and write with you in real-time

Others can only edit your work when you enable collaborative editing—your private docs stay private

And for creative writers, we hosted more live events than ever to help you expand your writing

When you select any academic document type, you'll see how your paper scores in several key areas

To see how your document shapes up, simply select an academic document type and check your document's

Click through on any of the above academic goals to access a more in-depth academic report

It's a simple way to visualize the return on your investment in ProWritingAid by summarizing several key

In 2022, over 20,000 of you joined us for four weeks of live workshops and training sessions for fantasy,

We're working hard behind the scenes to make ProWritingAid even better for you in 2023

Here are just a few of the exciting new features we're working on

Soon, you'll be able to automatically rephrase your sentences to suit your purpose

Then, all you need to do is pick the sentence that fits your writing best

Our sticky sentences and passive voice suggestions are also getting upgrade

Rather than just highlighting where you could phrase something more clearly or in the active voice, ProWritingAid

But it's not always easy to work out how people will receive your message

This is especially useful for emails, which is why we'll also introduce a feature that notifies you

You'll be writing clear, well received communications in no time

Feeling left out, Mac users? Don't worry; ProWritingAid Everywhere for Mac is nearly here

We know this is something you've wanted to see for a while—we can't wait to share

What do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments—and if you like