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How To Write Like John Green. Four lessons from

John Green is a forever teenager stuck in the body of a forty-something years old man with

At least, the persona Green’s built with his writing and online activity gives a nice guy

Does it matter when we’re trying to learn how to write like John Green?

His writing is good enough to attract a considerable fandom — that’s what we are looking for

Green’s most famous novel The Fault in Our Stars…I haven’t read it

I hope things I picked up from Green’s other books hold true for that very best

Every fiction novel of Green’s — from the debut Looking for Alaska to the latest Turtles All

Something in those stores drives him to write them over and over again

What we readers know for sure — John Green writes a readable coming-of-age novel

Can a boy think about anything else but a girl? The answer is negative most of the

All of Green’s protagonists are clearly different teenagers

When you’d read more than one of his novels, however, those boys melt into one single

Maybe those protagonists least like Green (still recognisable very much like Green) are, actually, his best characters

It’s a good book about a teenager who’s struggling with something less straightforward and less

Parents, if your kid is having mental health issues, or if you want your kid to understand

It’s also the book that I would truly recommend reading to anybody, and not just out

It does give hope that there’s a life you could tolerate on the other side of

I applaud John Green for putting his warm green heart out to make young adults feel less

Young adults seem to receive that gift with genuine affection and gratitude

The warmth and simplicity are there, in every Green’s book — you can pick any to understand