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How to Win the Attention Game by Adding Specificity

Here are three lenses I use to make my writing more specific

I know you can explain the same thing with many different levels of detail

Look at this article, for instance: Stop Trusting Inspiration: Become a Reliable Writer with This Proven Workflow

I’ve given enough information to rebuild the exact system I’m using in Notion

When you write a tutorial this way, the reader ends up empowered

Be almost pedantic in how you lead her through your reasoning

I spent all my life hiding my emotions, driven mainly by fear

Every time I let them transpire, even if just in a subtle way, my content was more

I know: this is an article about writing, not about personal development

So, use journaling, meditation, conversations, or outside help to get acquainted with your emotions

The best you can do for yourself is to keep track of the meaningful events in your

You need to be aware of something else: your readers’ emotions, frustrations, fears, and desires

Once you built this awareness and “emotion repository,” use them to enrich your words:

You would never say that Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and The Gospel are the

The difference is in the characters, their specific actions, the words they say, the environment they live

In non-fiction, it’s easy to settle on beautiful theoretical explanations

As I did earlier, listing three stories that implement the hero’s journey

After a while, you’ll forget to check the list: it will be engraved in your mind