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How to Start A Writers’ Group for Entrepreneurs | by

“Writing is like running, or any kind of exercise: it can be motivating to share your experiene

This is especially true for entrepreneurs who want to enjoy creative flow while building their businesses

I run a small co-writing group of entrepreneurs who meet for a short, 50-minute writing sprint once

During this time, I write articles like this one or my newsletter

But at our first meeting, everyone was surprised at how easily they found flow

Here are five top tips to start your own entrepreneurial writing group and create your content faster

“Creating supportive connections will help you do your research, write productively, publish effectively, and flourish

At the same time, the smaller the group, the easier it is to schedule time to meet

You’d be surprised how many creative entrepreneurs are looking for writing buddies

Groups don’t run themselves — one person has to be the lead ‘facilitator

’ You will probably be that person for a while, but later you can rotate that task monthly

The facilitator sets a meeting time and sends around a Zoom (or other software) link and calendar

write 50% of a podcast episode; draft 600 words of a blog post)

Everyone writes quietly alongside each other, the camera on or off, the microphone on mute

When the time ends, the facilitator asks everyone to report their progress to the group (for large

For entrepreneurs with a busy schedule, I recommend a power hour of 50 minutes (with 10 minutes to set

Stick to the set time each time, so that you train your brain for a specific length

A 90-minute session of deep work is the longest most people can go

Sometimes you get into such a flow that you feel you want to keep going

You might be afraid you’ll jinx it and never get into the flow again when you

After a maximum of 90 minutes, I recommend taking 15 minutes away from the desk, hydrating and stretching

“Without seeing progress, it’s all too easy to burn out and give up

“ — Dan Sullivan & Benjamin Hardy, The Gap and the Gain

Track your progress at the end of each session, and throughout the week

Tracking yourself helps you to set realistic goals next time

Soon, you will start experiencing writing with focus, flow, and ease