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How To Solve The Problem of Attracting Thousands of

There’s a kind of alchemy that works for famous people that can also work for the

How does this happen? What is the magic that drives those ticket sales? Can the same magic

At a superficial level, you can say, “Well, it’s the Rolling Stones, of course, everyone wants

People don’t just want to see and hear them, they crave the experience and the excitement

And that is how you too can attract large audiences to your work

The Rolling Stones don’t advertise their concerts in The Financial Times or The Wall Street Journal

These are not publications that are read by the sort of people who form the bulk of

No, Stones concerts are advertised in Rolling Stone, Time Out, and other publications that attract popular music

The people who queue up to read your stories the moment they are published

As a writer, you are naturally interested in attracting the readers who are your bread and butter

And this story is published in The Writing Cooperative a publication for writers that is read by

What is the great DESIRE of the audience you want to attract?

It is the expectation of that excitement that attracts the audience

Even if only a few people comment on your work or provide feedback in some form you

Rowling created a school for wizards and populated it with children and teachers with magical powers

You can visualize millions of readers pouring over your stories

So, what is it about the subject that you write about that is so captivating that your

The owners of the eyes are being transported into a world where they believe that what they

And that inspiration will energize you to release the full power of your imagination to write more

As your output grows so your reputation will expand and more and more readers will be attracted

It is your belief that what you have to say is important that matters

It is your belief that you have the imagination to enthrall your audience that will attract and

It is your belief that people want to read your stories that matters

With these beliefs and consistent, imaginative productivity you will attract large audiences