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How to Solve a Business Case Like a Harvard

Become a more powerful, analytical, freethinking, problem-solving writer for all of life’s situations

This is why the STOKE framework is taught in business schools in the United States and around

And it's why you should write with the STOKE framework in mind as well

Those who learn to use this tool not only become better writers

Contrary to the belief held by many academics that they have a monopoly on truth, the truth

You can use the STOKE framework to help those you are in dialogue with to discover the

Whether you work in the private sector, at an NGO, in government, or as a writer, this

Like most things in life, the STOKE framework is not easy but it is simple

The STOKE Framework’s simplicity is why it is the best and fastest way to break down

Logical, credible, and persuasive arguments are the same: they will embody all 5 parts of the framework

If the Situation does not logically lead to the Trigger and etcetera, then the argument will fall

With this in mind, you will have the power to discern if a piece of content that

Business schools drill these kinds of mental models into their students by having them read and solve

You will have surpassed many business students at the world’s most elite universities

I use the STOKE framework for just about everything I write, including this very article

I try to do so at the section level and the level of the entire article

There is always room to explore the validity of my evidence and evaluate my logical progression with

The wretchedness of slavery was an unwavering feature of human civilization in every corner of the globe

The abolitionist movement that arose in Great Britain broke from that appalling tradition

And it’s no coincidence that Great Britain was the first country to do it

I cite a list of historical events tracking the progression of human liberation from 1772 to today and