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How to Shorten Your Sentences: 6 Easy Tips

Learning how to shorten your sentences can give your writing the flow it needs to hook readers

Hemingway was famous for a minimalistic-style of writing that focused on short sentences that got right to

If you ever read his books, you’ll see it as a constant style throughout

Short sentences can also be a way to deliver more of a “punch” to your writing or

Shorter paragraphs help readers move through the text in a faster way than other kinds of sentences

It helps move the eye along and can help readers skim through to find the parts they

You don’t want to lose readers in long, overcrowded sentences and paragraphs

Of course, there are a few writers famous for their long, flowing sentences, but it never hurts

Sometimes, short sentences can pack more of a “punch” than other sentences

Keep in mind, you don’t want your sentences to be so short that you completely lose

You want to find a good balance of giving readers enough but not so much they lose

Now that you’ve decided you want to start shortening your sentences, the next thing you need

Let’s go over a few ways you can start to tell if your sentences are getting

Commas are often used to string together multiple ideas, which you could easily break up into separate

If you start to see a lot of “and, or, but” conjunctions in your sentences, you might

Try taking them out and see if the sentence works as two different sentences

This one might take some practice, but you’ll need to practice going through your sentences and

Hack everything down until you are just at that point and see if that still works

There are many online editing tools that can help you hack your sentences down to the bare

One of the most famous tools for this is the Hemingway editor

Other tools like ProWritingAid and Grammarly can also help with this

Why? Because you’re focused on describing the person and their actions

One of the most famous examples of a short sentence was when Hemingway was challenged to write

On the flip side, one of the longest sentences ever written is the 36 page, 3,687 words monologue by

Keep in mind, some of these sentences will arguably lose some of their details and flair

There is a ghostly rumble among the drums that swing me back into the early twenties when

It seemed only a question of a few years before the older people would step aside and

It all seems rosy and romantic to us who were young then, because we will never feel

With every kind of writing, it’s essential you decide as the author what is truly important