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How to Set Your Novel Writing Process Free and

Like most writers, I know all too well the feelings of doubt and criticism that tend to

It’s the voice that says, “what makes you think you can do this? You’ll never

I’m here to tell you that voice is an absolute lie and you need to stop

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of ten practical ways to push that relentless inner

Personally, I’ve found that jotting down notes in bullet point form seems to be enough

This way, I don’t feel completely bogged down with excess information I may not need

It’s also okay not to finish researching before writing the first draft

You can always go back and implement new things you may have learned later

Having your protagonist, key settings, and some of your ensemble cast along with backstories is probably the

” If over-outlining starts to stunt your motivation, take a break, and use the information you have so

It took Tolkien around twelve years to write The Lord of the Rings, but that doesn’t

Middle-Earth is a seemingly endless world that has scholars still asking questions decades later

Everyone’s process for building a world is different, and some take more time than others

While I was drafting my last novel idea, I had a complex world with tons of characters

I had a full Microsoft word document for characters and plot beats as well as a second

This led to me spending less time on my protagonist’s development which caused her to fall

I think if I had stayed closer to my character and developed her first, I could have

Writing a novel from page one all the way through to page three hundred sounds daunting, but

In an interview with YA author, Alexa Donne, Katytastic explains how she often skips around while drafting

She’s an avid plotter, which means that she plots her novels completely before starting a draft

I found this tip in a Brandon Sanderson interview where he discusses the five things he wished

If you opt to use tropes from a certain genre, try to avoid using clichés’

You can also use subgenres to add further uniqueness to your story’s structure

John Truby’s, The Anatomy of Story, is another wonderful resource for structuring

Sanderson also advises turning to movies for structural ideas

In my experience, I’ve learned that getting hung up on the potential “beauty” of prose halts

My best story work often comes from turning off my inner editor, which has taken time to

Perfect eloquence often comes in the second draft, so don’t worry for now, and just write

It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life, and it is the main obstacle between

I wrote half of a romance novel last year and discovered that not only did I not

Just like with anything in life, you’re going to have your own natural strengths and weaknesses

If you’re not sure what those are, try writing a paragraph or two in a few

If you know a lot about a certain genre, it makes sense to try that one first

Changing up your process can help you stay motivated while keeping your story moving

What are some things you do to free up your writing process?