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How To Release Yourself From Your Inhibitions so You

We all have fears, habits, and rules that others imposed on us at an early age that

In the longer term, if you want to write a book or a constant stream of articles

For me, the whole subject of how we operate ourselves has been a major interest for many

I was inhibited by a raft of fears and restrictions for much of the early part of

So the first step in releasing yourself from what’s causing your writer’s block is to

It has not been an easy journey and there have been many “stop-start” moments, but it has

So when I sit down to write about how to help someone else release themselves from their

I can’t wait to tell you how to do this because I want you to benefit

I choose someone who I know has an issue with the subject about which I am writing

I can see the agonized look on their face and feel the tension in their body as

It is an awful feeling to know deep within yourself that you have something important to say

But I’m not convinced that the “unworthy” feeling is really what’s stopping her

That decision frees me from trying to think of all the other things that may be stopping

The truth is that fears are one of the major feelings that inhibit writers

Did you notice the word “feelings”? That is all a fear is, it’s just a feeling

Most fears are simply feelings created by what we imagine might happen at some time in the

When writers allow fear to inhabit their being they are in the grip of their fear response

Go back to the first paragraph under this heading and notice the words, “created by what we

” The way we frighten ourselves is by imagining what might happen

Now hear this: if you can imagine a scenario that is so scary that it makes you

The wonderful thing about your imagination is that it is entirely yours

To write your best you have to choose to imagine your reader responding positively and joyfully to

And, as your fingers hover over the keyboard, let that feeling guide them as they release the