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How to Pitch an Article in 2023: 72 Outlet How-Tos

Are you wondering how to pitch an article idea to a media publication as a freelance writer?

A single “as seen in” media byline can give you or your business freelance writing street cred

For a pitch to be successful, you need three things in your corner:

➡️ (Want a video walkthrough of one of my pitches that landed me an article with Fast Company?

Because of the size and scope of many of these publications, it’s best to pitch your

Here are details for how to pitch articles to the opinion sections of various regional and national

The Boston Globe is a Boston-based newspaper that was founded in 1872

Their opinion section welcomes completed and previously unpublished first-person essays of 700 words or less on Massachusetts-related topics

Their opinion section welcomes completed and previously unpublished first-person essays of 600–900 words on Illinois-related topics

Their opinion section welcomes completed and previously unpublished first-person essays on California-related topics, as well as stories

The New York Times is a Boston-based newspaper that was founded in 1851

Their opinion section welcomes completed and previously unpublished first-person essays on New York-related topics, as well as

The outlet does digital and audio journalism in several dozen niches; pitches should be specific to a

USA Today is a national online and print newspaper that was founded in 1982

Their opinion section welcomes completed and previously unpublished first-person columns of ​​550–750 words on issues of national relevance

The Wall Street Journal is a New York City-based newspaper that was founded in 1889, and is one

And it should not be a response to a Journal article; that is a letter to the

Details on how to pitch an op-ed to The Wall Street Journal are here

The Washington Post is a national newspaper based in Washington, D

Their “Inspired Life” section accepts positive, uplifting stories of up to 1,200 words

Details on how to pitch The Washington Post’s Inspired Life column are here

A good pitch will speak to these outlet’s audiences as well as the subject matter at

Believe it or not, AARP: The Magazine is a hallowed placement for PR professionals

That’s because the magazine has the highest circulation of any magazine in America: in 2021, the magazine

Pitches should be up to a page in length and include past writing samples, and they should

The publication covers a wide range of topics and article lengths, and focuses on topical coverage, current

In addition to vertical-specific email addresses, consider researching and following who the editors of different verticals are

Contributors are able to sign up and become a contributor whenever they like, resulting in a wide

The Conversation publishes articles on a wide range of topics, but only accepts submissions from established researchers,

“Pitches should include a working headline, two to three paragraphs that outline why you think the story

Also tell us a little about who you are and why you’re the right person to

Mental Floss was founded in a Duke University dorm room in 2001, and is beloved for its bright

Mental Floss wants to see pitches that are one to two paragraphs in length

The outlet boasts a powerhouse YouTube channel (which has over 10 million subscribers), excellent podcasts, and collaborations with

Everyone loves to read about adventure, culture, and the human experience; if cultural commentary is in your

The outlet specializes in deep-dive travel content, and has both print and online editions

Details on how to pitch both the online and print editions of AFAR are here

The online edition accepts both tactical and cultural article ideas, and their pitch instructions are especially clear

Condé Nast Traveler is a travel brand and magazine founded in 1987 that has become synonymous with luxury

The brand has won an impressive 25 National Magazine Awards, and wants to see succinct pitches of two

After an earlier transition to becoming a literary magazine, it found its current footing as a women’

Cosmopolitan US does not, but they do have a well-developed masthead to help you target and pitch

Eater is a popular food publication that was founded in 2005 and focuses specifically on restaurant coverage

They expect examples of past work in your initial pitch, along with why you’re qualified to

The brand is one of the few lifestyle media outlets that can truly call itself a lifestyle

” When founder Terry Jones tried to submit photography in this style to British Vogue in 1977, it was

Pitches to i-D should have a clear culture hook and appeal to younger generations

Polygon is a video games publication that has been around since 2012

Read the publication to get an idea of what their current coverage looks and feels like

One of the most American magazine brands in existence, Rolling Stone was founded in 1967 in San Francisco

The magazine mostly covers insider scoops in entertainment, but also considers bold, gutsy features and exclusive news

SELF Magazine is a Condé Nast publication that was founded in 1979

Per their website, they focus almost exclusively on service journalism, a style of article that incorporates journalism

Slate is a top daily web news outlet that was established in 1996 and covers many verticals, including

The common denominator at Slate is a bright, strong editorial voice and a smart take on our

The outlet’s pitching guidelines are refreshingly clear and a great guide that can apply to many

The publication focuses specifically on LGBTQ culture and politics, and also pursues features

It’s more of a blog than a media publication, but covers a variety of topics in

Submissions should aim to be 1,000–2,000 words in length, and a completed draft is required upon submission

Travel + Leisure is a lifestyle magazine that was first established in 1937 under the name U

VICE is an award-winning global news publication famous for “reporting the under-reported”

The outlet was established in 1994, and has many different verticals and levels of coverage

Vulture was originally the entertainment and culture section of New York magazine

When it spun off into its own website and brand in 2010, it fully embraced its playful writing

xoNecole is a digital publication for women of color that covers culture, career advice, health and beauty,

The site is active, but a heads-up that the pitching guidelines are from 2017

The site wants to see completed drafts that are 400–600 words, or slightly longer for personal essays

A health publication is a tried-and-true media property, as millions of Americans seek out information on how

The outlet covers healthy eating and the origin of food, and wants to see pitches that have

Per their website: “At The Mighty, our stories prioritize the lived experience of people with health conditions,

We also publish the perspectives of parents, educators, medical professionals, and caregivers

” The outlet wants to see pitches of 400–1200 words, and expects a completed draft in your initial submission

MindBodyGreen is a popular online health website that covers both medical and holistic topics

The outlet focuses on covering the wellness “scene”, and blends fitness and health advice with culture and

Pitches should be short and reported, unless they are personal essays

Outside magazine was founded in 1977, and continues to be one of the most popular media publications today

Read the magazine to get a sense of what they’re currently covering

Pitches should be a pitch only, and if editors choose to proceed they’ll get back to

Men’s Health was founded in 1986, and the instructions for Men’s Health UK are more direct

The brand wants to see pitches of under 250 words, and also wants to see examples of past

STAT is a health publication founded in 2015 by the owner of the Boston Globe

The outlet is explicitly not looking for consumer-friendly stories or roundups (Example: “The best afternoon snacks to

Women’s Health was founded in 2005 as a sister publication to Men’s Health, which, by this

The brand reaches over 44 million readers a month, and is considered one of the premier health publications

Scholarly journals and academic publishing dominate the minds of many a well-trained scientist, but the general public

AR Insider is a niche publication that focuses specifically on coverage related to augmented reality

Op/ed submissions should be 600–1,000 words, and should focus on trend analysis, experience, or tactical advice

There is no pitching; you submit a completed article for consideration as part of their Thought Leaders

Discover Magazine is a publication that focuses on the mind, technology, health, and the environment

The outlet pays $300 for online stories and $1,000-$1,200 for print stories

Inverse describes itself as “a New York based media company focused on sparking intellectual curiosity in young

The web publication, founded in 2015, has a fresh, snazzy feel, and its verticals include science, innovation, mind &

It’s one of the most iconic American media brands… maybe ever? The publication started as a

According to their pitching guidelines, pitches should have “a working headline, a 200-word summary of the story,

Its first issue came out in 1902, and the magazine has been distributed by Hearst since 1958

According to their website, “We publish the latest science and technology news, authoritative how-to guides, and expert

For both pitch categories, the outlet wants to see examples of past work

Contributors for both the website and the magazine are clinicians and mental health professionals who want to

The outlet uses the word “proposals” interchangeably with pitches; think about how what you offer can be

Science Magazine is the peer-reviewed academic journal for American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Pitching them may sound intimidating, but the outlet is equally interested in “juicy scoops” from science journalists

), you will have very little luck successfully pitching a study from these

” Whew! If you have unique intel in the field of science, the magazine is a dream byline

This magazine is OLD! Founded in 1845, Scientific American is the longest-running magazine in the United States

In their own words, The Verge is about “technology and how it makes us feel

Pitches can be about the nuances of technology, but can also be about how technology intersects with

WIRED was founded in 1993 and is a technology publication about change

WIRED is explicitly *not* interested in receiving breaking news stories from freelancers; those stories are taken care

Business publications are some of the most sought-after bylines for freelancers and experts alike

Here are some of the biggest and most exciting ones to aim for

Bloomberg is a global financial news outlet that was founded in 1990

By 2010, the outlet had 2,300 editors in 72 different countries

Here are a couple of sentences I was able to scrape up about pitching Bloomberg

The outlet has a distinct audience — marketing professionals — and is more of an industry blog than a

When submitting, you’ll need to submit both an introduction and a completed, previously unpublished article in

Details on how to submit to the Content Marketing Institute are here

1843 Magazine is where the brand explores more narrative, longform journalism

The Economist has an audience of over 60 million people; if you have an incredible story to cover

Details on how to submit to The Economist’s 1843 Magazine are here

I’ll always have a soft spot for Entrepreneur mag; it was my first tier-one contributed article

Entrepreneur’s contributor network has been around for several years, and in June 2020 it underwent an overhaul

The fee to contribute for Entrepreneur is $1,000 a year, and there are no paid writing opportunities

If you perform well as a contributor, you’ll be bumped up to the VIP contributor tier,

Note that you’ll need to include past samples of your work in the application process

Their perspective was that global revolution changes the way businesses function, and the way businesses function changes

Details on how to pitch Fast Company’s Work Life vertical are here

Okay, okay — a lot of you want this one, and there’s been drama lately! So let’

Forbes was founded in 1917 and is one of the most recognizable brands in business media

The contributor platform, which allowed experts and thought leaders to publish pieces on the website, quickly became

FORTUNE magazine was established in 1929 by a former Time Magazine editor as a “distinguished and de luxe [

The outlet focuses on larger business news and corporate behavior

To pitch FORTUNE for paid journalism opportunities, pitch an editor or journalist who works at the publication

HBR is highly esteemed, and the outlet prefers to receive pitches from subject matter experts, scholars, scientists,

Remember that this is an academic publication seeking original and fresh thought leadership

Yes, I’m listing HBR twice! That’s because Ascend is a separate publication with separate pitching

It’s also less competitive since it’s newer; the offshoot was established in November 2016 to appeal

They aren’t in upper management yet, but they aspire to get there someday

HubSpot has an Ahrefs domain authority of 93 out of 100, which is as high as Entrepreneur, Fast Company,

The brand says that it is the only media brand catering to owners and managers of privately

I disagree with the assertion that it’s the *only* publication with that target audience, but it

If pitching a contributor column, you’ll need to make a case for why your column is

Combined, the sites attract tens of millions of visitors each month

Insider wants you to pitch them, and there are very clear instructions on how to proceed with

The Muse, formerly known as the Daily Muse, was established in 2011 as an online careers publication and

The pitching instructions on their website are clear, and while past writing samples are encouraged, they aren’

The section of the website you can pitch is Quartz Ideas, which includes anything that is about —

Social Media Examiner was founded in 2009 by Michael Stelzner, who remains at the helm today and hosts

The website is a powerhouse in SEO, and while you won’t get paid to contribute, you

When you apply on their website, you’ll need to show past writing samples

Inman is a platform that caters specifically to the real estate industry

The outlet is a valuable way to get in front of real estate professionals, and the pitching

Nolo is a legal platform that has been publishing helpful content since 1971

Per their website, the outlet seeks to publish” reliable, plain-English legal information that anyone can use

If video game journalism is the kind of writing that lights you up, the outlet pays $450 for

Details on how to pitch Launcher at The Washington Post are here

Wine Enthusiast was established in 1979, and covers all things wine

Wirecutter is the product reviews subsidiary of The New York Times

The outlet accepts pitches for short reported articles and op-eds (and odes!), per their website, and also

Pitch the short stuff first to get your foot in the door and find your rhythm

Take your time when researching an outlet to ensure your pitch has a good chance of success