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How to Make the Most Out of Your Experience

It comes to us once in a while the following question: How can I enhance my writing

It is fun, and you will meet a lot of comrades who share the same passion as

But before going full-on into the workshop experience, you need to know what you should not expect

The biggest issue is that people expect to get out jam-packed with knowledge and polished technique

The primary goal of these courses is to boost your creativity and genius by setting you a

Plus, you will read classical and popular works that will give you a fresh insight into how

Even if you aced all the exercises you might have encountered, it doesn’t mean you are

Parallel to the activities, theory classes are also important, and even if you consider yourself well-versed in

Did I nail it every time I wrote something in class? I wished

Again, knowing your theory will not guarantee you to shine in your writing

I did not feel accomplished by knowing that in the short run

If you go to a writing workshop, you certainly will learn strategies for finding a solution whenever

I believe that the only way to excel in our craft is through experience, with trial and

As if they were following the “right path,” believing that at the end of the road, they

However, it will depend not on whether you attended a workshop but on the effort and performance

You will not learn an official writing technique — I mean, does it exist anyway?

Writing is a unique and personal skill, a process that needs time to develop

Even if some decide to undertake the literary race and are convinced to enroll themselves, it is

Accept the idea that you must practice your writing every day, or at least frequently

It would be unwise to think that practice during courses will be enough

In the worst-case scenario, you might want to drop the towel

I’m sure that if you have taken note, you will make the most out of your