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How To Leverage Your Freelance Writing Skills in the

As freelance writers, we’re constantly on the lookout for the next job

A random request that sent me in a completely different direction in my freelance career

One morning, I found an email in my inbox from a recruitment agency saying they were looking

Normally, I’m a strictly freelance, work-from-home girl, but a local office could be interesting for a

It transpired the company I was now contracting for was actually looking for e-learning specialists, not writers

By the third day, it was a slow realization between me and my new team members that

Eventually, I voiced what we were all thinking and waited to be fired

Instead, and to her credit and my undying gratitude, the team manager asked me in to a

And between us, we realized her requirements weren’t that different from what I could deliver

And I must say, it turned out brilliantly — I renewed my contract a few times and ended

Mainly due to the pandemic, as companies are now realizing the benefits of their staff learning remotely,

In 2021, it was worth $315 million, but this is forecast to rise to $1 trillion by 2028

E-learning is the delivery of training materials through digital resources like your cellular phone, tablets, laptops, and

There are several positions in this industry, and there can be quite a lot of overlap

Briefly, the main roles I’ve encountered are instructional designers, sometimes called course designers, who have the

Then you have the graphics and media experts for images and video requirements, and developers who will

As freelance writers, we have a number of transferrable skills that fit perfectly into the e-learning niche

We’ve probably all sat through an interminable point-and-click e-learning that might just as well be delivered

And don’t even get me started on the quizzes where answers are so simple, they can

The key to e-learning success is to write content that the learner can easily understand, is displayed

Invariably, unless you’re a particular expert in the field yourself, you’ll need to interview a

As the course writer, it’ll be your job to decide what’s important and what’s

To do this, you’ll need to know what the learning objective of the course is

This is what the company expects the outcome of the course to be — what the learners must

Once you know what the outcome of the course is, you’ll know what to keep and

And getting more familiar with the e-learning environment before you apply for any jobs can help your

This is short for Learning Management System, and is how e-learning is hosted and deployed to learners

If you’ve ever logged onto something like Teachable or Udemy, the overall look is similar with

The main ones I’ve come across are Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate

Brushing up on your PowerPoint skills will be a definite plus during the application process

Elearning Industry and Blue Eskimo have specific e-learning jobs, but you’ll also find content developers on

And as always, you can broaden your search to LinkedIn and the more general job boards as

Specify that you saw their job ad, list your skills and ask if you can be of

As always, it depends on the length of the course or courses, how long research and interviews

But you can easily charge between $1000 and $4000 per project

If you have extra skills such as a demonstrable knowledge of Learning Methodologies (examples of this are

However, we as freelance writers have all the right skills, it’s just a case of finding