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How to Kill Creativity. The best way to produce

The best way to produce something dull and unoriginal is to start with knowing exactly what you

” He wanted the opening theme to the Rocky III film to be iconic — something to be remembered

Stallone sat down with his musician, Jim Peterik, and asked him to compose something a bit more

Peterik experimented with their options, but nothing seemed to work

Sylvester Stallone had his heart set on using Another One Bites the Dust as the opening theme

To demonstrate this, Luchins presented a series of jugs and asked volunteers to solve mathematical puzzles by

After several rounds, each participant eventually gravitated toward using their favorite solution and only became capable of

Suppose someone had chosen to specialize in problems of the form A + B – 2C

Whenever you sit down and make an open-ended “I need an idea about something” request, your mind

Unless an idea happens to be identical to that viral article you just finished reading, you reject

In the end, you’re only left with topics that have been rehashed thousands of times

If you want to produce something original, you’ll need to get out of your creative rut

And if nothing helps, strip naked and start typing with your feet

I’m sure you’ve read numerous articles promising a certain method will increase your creative output

You implement this notetaking method or start using that website

But once this new technique becomes part of your routine, you start to wonder why your creative

I’m sure you’ve read hundreds of different opinions on how to become more creative — but