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How to Find the Author Behind the Pseudonym

In fact, there are still five that are unknown, with another mystery author story fresh from the

Some authors write under a pen name when they switch genres or audiences—Sandhya Menon writes as

But things get curious when it’s a bestselling author writing under a pen name and keeping

The bookternet has been abuzz with speculation on who could have penned the spicy romance novel Corinne

The author bio for Corinne simply says “Rebecca Morrow is a pseudonym for a New York Times 

Add in the content coincidences, like usage of the word “imprint” and general stylistic choices or plot

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But you can’t call a mystery complete based on hunches alone

I checked the Library of Congress catalog listing, which had once outed Stephen King as Richard Bachman

Up next, take a look at the Acknowledgements of the book to find a nod to an

A fellow Rioter checked their digital advanced reading copy of the book and found “Acknowledgments [to come],”

Now comes the deeper digging: Check the publisher and imprint

In this instance, eyeing Meyer as the author of Corinne would be shut down at this stage

Posters on Reddit, TikTok, and Twitter speculated other potential authors, all women in their 50s: Shannon Hale,

Hale’s books are published by Bloomsbury and Random House imprints; Hilderbrand’s by Little, Brown imprints;

 This may point us in the direction of Rowell or Young, assuming they stuck with their previous

Things get more serious when you get text-analyzing technology involved

NPR broke down some of the neatest stats from the book, like declaring an author’s favorite

Hemingway’s favorite word list including cognac is just *chef’s kiss*

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the technology required to run these scans, and the people

That podcast and the wonderful Beth at @thecool_table on TikTok suggest that Corinne wasn’t actually