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How To Create the Perfect Reading Experience

One challenge of this is that sometimes it feels like the result of chance, but we’re

While I don’t read much horror, I had been fascinated with this book and its unconventional

During the beginning months of the pandemic, I decided that it was a good time to finally

At the time, I was also at least six months pregnant with my daughter

My husband insisted I take the bed and he spent the night on the couch

But my dog was super attached to my husband and was not pleased to be left away

Since this whole adventure gave me a little bit of a jolt, I decided to keep reading

Here I was, reading a book about a strange house with newly appearing doors during a particularly

The next morning, I told my husband that if a door were to suddenly appear in our

It was a chance experience: the thunderstorm, furniture accident, and the book I happened to be reading

While chance does play a role, I do think that you can curate your own reading experience

We make choices of what books to read and where we read them, so you can plan

It may not be a sure thing, but it probably will get you into the groove of

Add in hot cider and it might be somebody’s idea of perfection

Ultimately, it’s how you feel in that moment: an extra feeling of aliveness and wonder at

But, like many things, one person’s extraordinary reading experience may be another person’s nightmare

When you are reading and your mental state will impact the experience

For example, when I was turning 30, I happened upon a copy of Gabriel Bá and Fábio

Each memorable moment ends in his death, but the next installment, he is alive and well during

It’s a beautiful meditation on how we think about our lives, our regrets, moving forward and

It made me realize that everyone has regrets about the paths not taken, but we have to

But it’s more than a pleasant reading experience: it’s something that goes deep into your

You’ll remember it months, years, maybe even decades later

I hope this gives you some food for thought and lets you create or recognize your own

Or check out this guide on how to recapture that joy of reading that many of us