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How to Create Scroll-Stopping Social Media Content

5 tips to make your social media content stand out and get more views and shares

Social media platforms are flooded with content and it can be difficult to make your content stand

That’s why I am here to help you learn how to create scroll-stopping social media content

Social media is all about visuals–images, videos, memes, GIFs, infographics, and more

Given that a typical social media user’s feed is filled with visual content, it’s not

Her visuals are definitely scroll-stopping and would make anyone stop and look at her content

The quality of good social media content is that it starts a conversation and actively engages your

You don’t want passive viewers on social media, but an active community that engages with your

And given that most people are tempted to stop and participate in a poll or quiz, these

You can share two product colors and use a poll to see which one your audience prefers

Or you can create yes/no polls to see if your audience agrees with a controversial opinion

You can even ask them what type of content they’d like to see more

If you’re conducting a poll through a social media post, instead of stories, then don’t

This curiosity makes quizzes one of the most effective types of scroll-stopping content

You don’t necessarily need to create quizzes directly related to your brand or products

Any quiz that is fun and makes people want to stop and participate will solve the purpose

This will help you better connect with your followers and also drive engagement on your social media

If your content can make people happy, sad, nostalgic, or anything else, they’ll love your content

Anyone who sees the image will stop and read it because they’ll feel empathy

One word of caution though–avoid intense emotions like anger and rage and steer clear of controversial

So, if you want to create scroll-stopping social media content, you need to follow the latest viral

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge or the Superbowl Challenge?

What a rage they were for a time and then completely disappeared

But while they were popular, you could see everyone participating and creating social media content around those

Another way to follow the latest social media trends is to use popular and trending hashtags

This helps you reach more people and put your content in front of people who might be

Here are some examples of trending hashtags that are not industry specific

You can use these as well as trending hashtags within your niche to create scroll-stopping social media

Because they are real people who share the ins and outs of their lives with their audience,

Even if you don’t run a business and just want to create a personal brand, audience

When you create personal content like that, people are bound to take notice and engage with it

Making your content stand out on social media can be one of the toughest things ever

Use the tips mentioned above to create scroll-stopping social media content that gets you more views, likes,